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The Japanese Kimonos Fashion Show breaks records in the Dubai fashion industry

The famous 'kimonos' fashion show has created a stir in Dubai's fashion scene

Reported By: Khurram Shahzad

Dubai: The fashion show organized by the famous Japanese designer Yoko Murakami hit the Dubai World Trade Center on September 10 and hosted a unique fashion show in which a collection of kimonos and beautiful dresses were presented by famous Japanese models.

From oversized dresses to wild floral headpieces, the collection was showcased on runways that were nothing short of modern. With vintage upcycled fabric work and ruffled sleeve pieces, the innovative pieces were a symbol of Japanese culture.

In the organized fashion show, there were a lot of celebrities like Pakistani and Indian singer Mr. Abrarul Haque, UAE Famous Pakistani singer, Azeem Dar, Hollywood singer Persina Dullo and Maherul Khaja Arab Michael Jackson who mesmerized the audience with their wonderful performances. and most beautiful Bollywood Actress Ayesha Mulla was the main Model of the Japanese Kimonos Fashion Show.

Among the dignitaries on this occasion were His Highness Sheikh Ibad bin Suhail Al Maktoum, His Highness Sheikh Bodi bin Abdul Hakim Al Maktoum, Dr. Bu Abdullah, and Her Highness Dr. Maryam Muhammad Fatima Matar.

The fashion show organized by Westfield Event Management and Lookup Japan Beauty set a record in the fashion industry in Dubai.

The event, which is claimed to be the first Japanese fashion show in the region, was attended by people from all over the world who admired Danzar.

The organizers of the fashion show included Mr. Nishida, Mr. Arakawa, Ms. Ritsuko, and Ms. Shamaila Amjad while talking to the media, Shamaila Amjad said that this show was a challenge for us and we worked on it for 9 months and the show was successful.

After seeing today's result, all our 9 months of fatigue came down and in the coming days more big shows are coming on this occasion he thanked the media.

Video and Photography Courtesy:

Aslam Jawaid +971502842190

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