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Saudi Arabia stands by the Palestinian people until a solution to the Palestinian issue is achieved

Prince Faisal said the Kingdom stands by the Palestinian people until a solution to the Palestinian issue is achieved.

Minister called on the Afghan people to contribute to building the future of their country through dialogue.

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister on Tuesday condemned the aggression of the Houthis in Yemen and urged Muslim nations to apply more pressure on the Iran-backed militia.

“In line with international resolutions, Saudi Arabia calls for measures to neutralize the Houthi group and to stop the importing of arms into Yemen,” Prince Faisal bin Farhan told the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

“We reiterate the importance of the role of brothers to apply more pressure on the Houthis so that they can be stopped from jeopardizing the security of the Kingdom.”

More than 600 delegates from 56 OIC member states and observer countries are taking part in the two-day meeting in Islamabad.

In his opening remarks, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said the OIC could play a mediation role in the Ukraine war.

“We, like everyone else in the world, are all worried about what’s happening there,” Khan said. “May I suggest that the OIC, during its discussions, the foreign ministers, we should think how we represent 1.5 billion people, how we can meditate, how we can bring about a ceasefire, how can we bring about an end to the conflict.”

Khan said he would meet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during the OIC summit to discuss how Beijing, together with the OIC, could help resolve the


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