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Rediscover Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural world - Art4you Exhibition.

‘REDISCOVER NATURE, opened Under the Patronage of Sheikh Humaid bin Khalid bin Muhammed Al Qasimi, on Sunday the 2nd of October, and run until the 9th of October 2022, at Picasso Gallery Dubai, Curated by Jesno Jackson, Organised by Art4you Gallery,

Reported By Aslam Jawaid

Dubai: Each of us on the planet has a responsibility to do our part to help protect, care for and enhance our beautiful planet. Rediscover Nature has brought awareness to that delicate balance between man and the ecosystem. Due to man’s lack of respect for our planet, we sometimes tip the scales resulting in calamities of varied proportions. So instead, our message is to celebrate the ocean and stay tuned in to the challenges that face our beautiful planet today.

Our natural world is full of amazing things. This exhibition shows the artists’ interpretation of the theme “Nature”. Over the years, artists have been drawn to the use of this theme in their work. A subject so varied in its dimensions, that it provides a never-ending supply of ideas and nuances for the artist to explore.

‘REDISCOVER NATURE, opened Under the Patronage of Sheikh Humaid bin Khalid bin Muhammed Al Qasimi, on Sunday the 2nd of October, and run until the 9th of October 2022, at Picasso Gallery Dubai, Curated by Jesno Jackson, Organised by Art4you Gallery, ‘Rediscover Nature’ exhibited work by 20 talented artists who have delved deep into the nature of their creative minds and souls and translated the theme in their own unique styles and genres. The interpretations flow from gentle waves and the exquisite, joyful creatures of the sea, fluid abstract seascapes, to the crystalline beauty of landscapes and whimsical stories of nature in all forms.

This exhibition has tried to include artists that have depicted various facets of sea, land, and air…Every artist has a vision, that first takes shape in their mind, which they then meticulously render, applying the effects of color and contrast to create a magical mood that mirrors their imagination, thus suspending their vision forever in time, space, and on their canvas. The expectations of the art fraternity were not compromised at all, the phenomenal curation by ART4You gallery stunned the crowd to an awestruck astonishment.

Art4you gallery founders Jesno Jackson & Rengi Cherian had magnificently executed yet another event by involving professional artists and their mind-blowing works. They gifted an amazing and creative evening to all those who went to experience the works and filled them with a unique respect for this form of art. The widely recognized and astounding 20 artists - Amin Bin Senan, Alaa El-Hag(UAE), Aliyah Vejlani, Shazia Zurgham Malik, Noma Faisal( Pakistan), Christine Dessa, Debra Masky, Dr. Ajit Gadekar, Juveriya Mahad, Maria Komal Abie, Merly Mathews, Megha Manjarekar, Vidhu Raghavan, Sahana Sen Paul, Nitya Subramanian(India), Hannan Bazargad(Iran), Rafah Abdulrazzak(Syria), Reel Manan (Sudan), Shelina Khimji (Tanzania), Svetlana Kreventsova (Russia) joined together under the umbrella of ART4You gallery to create a phenomenal evening by unveiling their exquisite artworks.

Nature in art takes many visual forms, from photorealism to abstraction. Artist, Merly Mathew’s digital work has long been inspired by the sea world and how it intersects with the water environment. Her work comprises a series of observed repetitive patterns the artist has studied in everyday sea creatures and underwater environments. Sudan-based artist Reel Manan’s illustration artworks often feature her signature stacked lines and forms. And focuses on two new bodies of abstraction works, which is a great addition to her famous expressionist nature series. In her work, the artist confronts the lines between objective and subjective reality, navigates conversations around diversity and identity, and turns to her favored images of ‘Threads of Life’ to convey complex ideas about humanity and nature. Nitya Subramanian’s painting ‘Deep Sea Carnival’ was heavily influenced by the up-close observations of plants and animals’ life under the sea. This contemporary painting depicts the elements of the sea and the things that live amongst them. Both artworks were based on the lines and forms that she depicts in a unique and vibrant way which is created with an imaginative, expressionist abstract work of art.

It’s no surprise that Emirati artist Alaa El-Hag has long turned to nature to explore her ideas around themes of self-identity, eternity, and infinity with her resin art luxury pieces. ‘Secret Garden series focuses on her relationship with the planet and “reveals her lifelong fascination with the natural world,” according to the Curator. The Indian artist Juveriya Mahadi is best known for her multi-layered, paper-burned installation art, which was inspired by the element fire. Each piece is completely unique, exploring a range of effects from lightly toasted to completely scorched, from delicate thin lines to dramatic dark edges. Throughout time, Emirati artist Amin Bin Senan has used nature as a muse or motivation for creating his landscape painting with light and shadow focus. While Dr. Ajit Gadekar identifies himself with the rhythm of greenery, by effort and prepared his mastery which enabled him to express himself in his own language. Also abstracts works from Noma Faisal, Svetlana Kreventsova, Shazia Malik, Rafah Abdulrazzak, Hanan Bazargad, Debra Masky & Megha Manjarekar, have a mindful reflection of nature and the incredible things within it, whether it be seascape or landscape or underwater, they have created something that is a little bit different with a modern outlook with textures, palette knife art, resin art & acrylic pouring art.

Christina Dessa’s watercolor paintings are inspired by her love for the ocean and the tranquil walks with a selective palette of turquoise and shades of blue were used to emphasize the calm and feeling of a serene sea. There has also been some research done on the importance of art and nature to the well-being of others, by art educator Maria Komal Abie. She displayed a creative combination of arts- and nature-based sustainable art pieces to combat the pressing issue of climate change. By adopting and implementing the good habits of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling in their daily lives, she brings about a positive change with her art piece. Maria attempted to replicate her message through her artwork where she has shown the former main occupation of the ancestors of the UAE - an Underwater Pearl Diver performing his duty, which helps us Rediscover the Beauty of our Nature.

Nature also inspires the digital artist – Vidhu Raghavan, beyond dimensional visionary art. He created a virtual reality environment where people could surf through for beautiful peaceful experiences integrated with serene music and beautiful meta-dimensional geometrical art. While Pakistani artist Alfiyah Vejlani draws inspiration from the natural beauty around her country. Her paintings offer a spin on traditional landscape art, and she uses natural beauty and seasonal climate change as inspiration. The Tranquillity and calming effect of the ocean due to the aqua green color and the spray of the crashing waves is a scene, portrayed by Tanzanian artist – Shelina Khimji. This painting conveys not only the beauty of nature but also her impression of my love for it. The series ‘White Paradise’ is set as a minimalistic painting by Sahana Sen Paul, which exuberates beauty in subtility. White gives a sense of purity, innocence, and peace, all of which can also be found in nature.

"Rediscover Nature” was officially inaugurated by Chief Guest – Sheikh Humaid bin Khalid bin Muhammed Al Qasimi and Sheikha Lamis bint Hamed bin Ali Al Mualla and H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani – Art4you Brand Ambassador, Guest of Honor – Mr. Abdulaziz Ahmad, H.E Ali Al Mazem and Advisor Omar Al Asiri. Special Guests - Asmaa Saeed Eid Al-Araimi, Kaltham Mohamed Alhamar, Ahmed Alhorani, and Sanad Abdul Raheem Wohaish, are only some of the dignitaries who were invited to grace the evening.

The event also witnessed a panel talk led by the Curator and Art Educator – Jesno Jackson with 4 Panelists – Canadian artist, Mr. Peter Farrington, who is appreciated globally for his amazing contributions as an Environmental Specialist, who provided strategic advice on nature conservation, climate change, environmental awareness, and environmental impact assessment. Other speakers were Hanane Benkhallouk - an award-winning senior consultant with a broad scope of expertise and exposure to international markets. A culture change and certified innovation strategist, Hanane supports creating cultures of innovation in order to sustain their leadership, and remain relevant in an ever-changing business landscape. The other speaker was Akeelah Bertram, a British Jamaican visual artist, interested in collective narratives, challenging perspectives, and innovating modes of communication. She produces work across Light, Sound, New Media Art, Interaction Design, Sculpture, and Performance; exploring heritage & identity through creative technology. The final speaker was Maria Komal Abie, an Art Educator who has pushed her to explore art from a different perspective. She is a versatile artist who captures the essence of a subject and converts it into captivating pieces of artwork connecting with sustainability and art.

This discussion helped the participating artists and visitors to share and enhance their awareness of the ‘Art & Seeds of Change and the process of conversion of Nature into captivating artworks. A detailed explanation of the ‘Important changes connecting with Nature & Art’, ‘Ecosystem approach to restoring balance’, The Art of Light’, and ‘The Impact of sustainable art’, was indeed helpful information to the visitors which will surely inspire them to know more about seeds of change. The exhibition also had different activities like art demonstrations by Maria Komal Abie, Amin Bin Senan, and Noma Faisal and the Artists Speak initiative by Art4you Gallery. The exhibition was officially closed by H.E Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali with a guided art tour.

Art opens your eyes to the intricacy and beauty of the natural world. It can simply be a pretty picture that appreciates nature for what it is... or it can be a challenging piece expressing our complex human connection to nature. At Rediscover Nature exhibition, Art served a purpose beyond being an object of beauty: it has addressed pressing environmental issues and topics about conservation, sustainability, preservation, biodiversity, and threatened habitats.

The 60 artworks exhibited, educated the viewers about these issues, spreading awareness about such important topics.

Motto: We feel an instinctual need to take care of the NATURE we feel connected to. Art helps to renew our connection with nature.

That’s why we call REDISCOVER NATURE.

With such commendable & successful participation of ART4You, we at Current News Dubai are confident that they will still keep doing wonders as we are proud to be the official media partner for ART4You gallery.

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