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NARRATIVES” Virtual 3D Art Exhibition by Art4you Gallery launched on Aug 5th, 2022.

Dubai: Visiting an art museum can have a multitude of health benefits. But what about virtual exhibitions? A team of researchers recently studied their therapeutic virtues and found that they could be on par with those of real-world art experiences. The idea of going to a gallery for health benefits may sound surprising, but it is a concept that’s gaining ground — and for good reason. Numerous publications have highlighted the multiple benefits of art on our physical and mental wellbeing. Contact with works of art can help relieve chronic pain and alleviate stress and anxiety. The benefits of virtual exhibitions are even more pronounced if the people who visit them have a particular attachment to the art, or find it beautiful.

The latest example is the Art4you Gallery which has just launched its 28th Edition of an interactive virtual art exhibition NARRATIVES featuring augmented reality versions of 25 International artists. Featuring nearly 66 works of art from across the global art collection, the website invites online visitors to explore the virtual gallery. Objects come to life in augmented reality with the virtual layout displaying art from across millennia and from all over the world.

“Our mission since the Art4you Gallery’s founding 6years ago has been to connect people to art and ideas, and to one another—something we’ve found to be more powerful than ever over the pandemic months of isolation and uncertainty. Art4you Gallery brings the gallery to audiences wherever they are in an innovative viewing experience in which users can virtually visit iconic spaces and engage with the masterpieces, learn more about the works in a playful way through a 360-degree interactive experience, and enjoy bringing the art into one’s own surroundings,” said Curator Jesno Jackson.

We extend the boundaries with virtual adventures: admire the stories of each art piece, explore the life of artists, and look for inspiration. What else to do in the cultural digital space – we tell you in our story “NARRATIVES”. The exhibition was officially launched on August 5th at UAE time at 4 pm and broadcasted through Zoom Webinar with artists and audiences. The exhibition was officially opened by Chief Guest – H.E Laila Rahhall – President & Founder of Business Gate in the presence of Special Guest Mr. Peter Farrington, Exhibition Reviewer -Surbhi Jariwala, Social Media Influencer - Sonal B Chhibber, Singer-Irka, and Art Director - Patrizia Gallo, Costa Rica. The opening was lots of fun and a great chance for everyone to talk about their artwork in detail.

Because of quarantine, almost all have moved “online "during a covid-19 pandemic. But that still continued with Art4you. “A virtual exhibition is not only a collection of interesting exhibits and texts. It is an opportunity to travel between cities and countries, to erase geographical, social, and economic borders. The opportunity to see unique exhibits around the world: from paintings to digital art, exhibited in a luxurious virtual palace. Especially for all international buyers, collectors, and art enthusiasts, we have prepared a selection of the world’s most interesting shows that are worthy of your attention. Infect, the ability of a virtual exhibition to gather people around the world will open up opportunities for trading or auction among artworks.”, says the Founder of Art4you Gallery - Rengi Cherian.

This virtual exhibition features 66 exhibits, including paintings by Maria Komal Abie – India, Lalu Syuakani – Indonesia, Alice Mejos Baluyot – Philippines, Roa Al Madani – UAE, Manjari Vaibhava – India, Gregory Adjei – Ghana, Sheleen Garba- USA, Arrachme – USA, Yuliya Solomennaya – Belarus, Sabrina Rahman Liza – Bangladesh, Alia Amin Abdulhaq – Pakistan, Nadia Adamenko – Russia, Merly Mathews – India, Criselda Vilanueva – Philippines, Kazem Khorasani – Iran, Nijumon PM – India, Aleksandra Ogorkiewicz – Poland, Nayana Mistry – India, Rania Abdelrahman – Sudan, Edcel Cabalan – Philippines, V. Vasandan – India, Sapna Iyer – Singapore, Tressina Miedecke – Australia,Chandra Shekhar – India, Sreerekha J – India.

To fully immerse yourself in the great art, the gallery used technology, which allows you to move from one hall to another – almost as if it were in real life. You can “walk” through the halls on your computer screen, and smartphones. To see detailed information about an exhibit, walk up close to it and click on it. Curated by Jesno Jackson and featuring artists from around the world, NARRATIVES showcases pieces that are interactive and absorbing, sharing stories entailed in artistic creations showcases the artist’s perspective of a certain experience that called to their soul.

Art is fueled by inspiration and behind every inspired moment, there is a story, one whose depths can only be discovered through the complexity of creativity and colors. Some stories can only be told to their best potential, in a way that goes beyond the restricting words on a printed page, in the way of an artist. Art forms an emotional connection with its viewers through the message and story it dictates, may it be a story of concern, sadness, or even happiness. The art acts as a medium of communication to narrate the kind of connection the artist held with their inspiration. Every one of them has a story to tell, and the stories one chooses to tell is an individualistic opinion with infinite possibilities, where each one of them holds incomparable value with a specialist of their own.

We are very proud to announce that the NARRATIVES virtual art exhibition is officially open and runs until Sept 5th, 2022. Please take the time to have a look at the artwork and read the descriptions. Please check the following link to visit the gallery - The visitors can get amazed by the artwork, then visitors will find out who made it, what materials were used, and how they executed it. Commonly visitors with adequate internet access and gadgets can visit the virtual exhibition wherever it is being held at.

One of the advantages of this virtual exhibition is that it can be reached by audiences in various regions at any time. So far, this art exhibition has an exclusive impression. In terms of human resources and technology, this virtual exhibition has a lot of potentials, such in the form of digital rendering, an online store, online catalogs, and 360 cameras, which make each visitor get a different experience.

Thank you.

Jesno Jackson

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