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My Patients and their families love me most of them are American (Ghazala Khan)

Article by Ghazala Khan (USA)

My name is GHAZALA khan I am originally from Karachi Pakistan living in USA last 30+ years I do home health care here my experience mostly like elderly patients with alzimers dementia my patients love me a lot most of them are Americans saved their family and everyone here love me so much everyone wants me to work for them but it’s hard for me to go to so many people.

I have my full time job plus I am doing some part time jobs upon some Clients extreme needs it’s very hard for me to refuse any one care but in 24 hours a day I can only do so much now I am thinking to make my home a respite care home where I can have at least 12 beds full time and lots of fun activities for all age people

If some families just wants to drop their love one for few hours while they can go do their jobs or go for some time off and relax that’s my future goal since I have a lot of experience in adult care but I am not limited for any age I will hire some good people like a good people with heart of gold that’s what my patients call me angel with heart of gold hopefully soon my dream come true to help people in need as a helping hand this is my introduction.

I will like to write here often since this is great news paper on currant news Dubai I read that in USA so it’s very popular here in USA I am looking forward to part of this paper if you all like it I will keep writhing different topics here and you all can guide me too what you like to hear from here.

Wish you all best of luck

GHAZALA khan (Greenville sc South Carolina United States of America)

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