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Mumbai court says Kangana Ranaut is dictating her own terms in defamation case filed by Javed Akhtar

Javed Akhtar; reminds that she is an accused in the case

Veteran lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar had filed a defamation case against Kangana Ranaut in 2020 at a Mumbai court. Recently, magistrate RR Khan of the 10th Metropolitan Magistrate Court in Mumbai noted that Kangana may have professional commitments but she cannot forget that she is an accused in the case.

Kangana Ranaut has failed to appear in the court several times, after being summoned by the court in the defamation case. The actress has often given the reason for prior work commitment while failing to keep the court date. Magistrate Khan stated, "To date, the accused has not appeared for framing of a particular offence though the matter was specifically kept for her appearance for framing of particulars of the offence. Per contra, the accused is dictating her own terms for the trial of this case in the manner she likes. Admittedly, the accused cannot claim permanent exemption as of right. The accused has to follow the established procedure of law and terms and conditions of her bail bonds. No doubt, being a celebrity, the accused has her professional assignments but she cannot forget that she is an accused in this case."

According to the records, Kangana has appeared on two occasions- once when the case was taken on board and the other time for making allegations of bias against the court. "Till date the accused has not appeared with an intent to cooperate with the court for the trial of allegations levelled against her," the court said.

“Keeping in view the earlier conduct of the accused as per the record of the case, non-framing of particulars of the offence till date and strong agitation of the complainant regarding the willful absence of accused are the grounds which compel this court for non-exercise of judicial discretion in favour of the accused at least at this juncture," the magistrate further stated.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the magistrate had rejected Kangana Ranaut's application in which she was requesting for a permanent exception. The magistrate had called the application premature. He observed that the particulars of the offence are yet to be framed against the accused. “It is a matter of record that this court till date has approved all her exemption applications without imposing any cost. This court has not passed any coercive orders against the accused despite her repeated absence and genuine agitation by the complainant. If at this juncture the accused is allowed to remain absent permanently, her earlier conduct furnishes an assurance that she will never ever attend this court for framing of particulars and further trial," he said.

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