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International Artist Mona Raj Rathod organized a Beautiful Art exhibition in Dubai

H.E. Laila Rahhall was the Cheif Guest at the most beautiful art Exhibition.

The Art Exhibition was at the Dubai International Art Center, Dubai UAE.

Mona Raj Rathod is currently focused on her own foundation and is passionate to offer a platform for artists to showcase their talent through gifted Art.

Dubai: Reported By: Aslam Jawaid

Incredible Talents is a Central Govt. of India-approved Non-Profit International Organisation. It was established in the year 2019, by an internationally renowned artist MonaRaj Rathod from Mumbai currently residing in Oman for the last eleven years.

The objective of Incredible Talents:

The founder of the organization has a very broad vision. She always encourages the participants who can make wonders in paintings, sculptures, clay modeling, art, craft, etc.

The foundation is providing a platform for every artist to showcase their artwork without any age bar, caste, creed, religion, etc. We offer artists to enjoy the freedom of expression, creation, and display.

Exhibitions conducted by Incredible talents

Apart from the plethora of online exhibitions, the foundation conducted its first exhibition in Goa, its second at Nehru Art Gallery, Mumbai, and its third exhibition at Dubai International Art Centre, Dubai. A lot of Paintings and sculptures were sold during these exhibitions.

For a successful exhibition, we offer wide publicity, and on selling the paintings we don’t charge any commission from the artist. We also offer free registration and participation to physically handicapped artists.

We have dedicated professionals as a team in our organization.

Muriel Exhibition

Muriel means “Shining Sea” that’s the name of our Exhibition in Dubai. In this exhibition, we have a variety of artists participating from different countries such as Malaysia, Oman, Nepal, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Dubai, and India. Our Exhibition, it’s like a wide sea which is shining because of the presence of our artists from seven different countries and different themes of painting.

We are conducting this exhibition from the 18th to the 25th of March 2023 at Dubai International Art Center, Dubai. A renowned International Organization known as “Incredible Talents” is organizing this exhibition. Mona Raj Rathod an International Artist and founder of this organization has arranged and planned this exhibition, by collecting all the gems from seven different countries. We have participants below eighteen years also.

In this exhibition our Chief Guest for the inauguration will be H.E. Laila Rahhall, Goodwill Ambassador, President, I am Africa. Net, Vice President, Rafai NGO, and The Voice magazine.

Our Special Guest is Dr Qazi M Raghib Art Director and Art Critic, New Delhi, India. ,Anjiniparkeshlaitu, Ibrahim gailani, Narayan s kumbar and Shilpa shree founder of NS kumbar Art, India.

Our Team members are Raj Kumar Bhardwaj Co-organizer, Dipti Thakkar Creator, PaulomiPatel Rane, Co-Creator and Mehul Bhandari, Graphics Designer.

Our participants are Sarojini Datta, K R Nariman, Jyoti Bokil, Nilesh Mahant, Saima Naaz, Shruti Gupta Kasana, Mousumi Bhattacharyya, Mina rezaee, T.Geetha Prakash, Rema Sivakumar, Susmitachowbey, Anjali ashar, Ravindra Torawane, Anita Bhattarai, Rehman patel, Irudhayanadhanthangaraj, AyaanshRupani, Vandana Venkatesh Dudi, Vivaan S Singhal, Shaurya Sunil Gangadkar, Pavan.G, Sahana P, Shreya S Shet, Ananya Shridhar Nayak, Arjun Konchady, Khushi Tatini Roy, Medha S Iyengar, Swaroop Murgod, Ashish N.

Mona Raj Rathod

Mona Raj Rathod was born in Mumbai, in a middle-class family. At the age of 7, she displayed her first painting in the Nehru Art gallery in Mumbai. From her childhood, she loved to play with colors and reflect stories through her paintings. She loves to create mirror paintings. With the passage of time, she learned and grew up in art and conducting exhibitions. For the last eleven years, she is residing in Oman. She has successfully co-organized a plethora of exhibitions in Malaysia, Phuket, India, and Oman. She created a foundation named Incredible Talents in 2019. Under this foundation, she has organized various online exhibitions during the pandemic. In the year 2022, she organized successful offline exhibitions in Goa and Mumbai with a lot of selling of the displayed paintings and sculptures. On March 16, 2023, she organized an Exhibition at Dubai International Art Center, Dubai. She is currently focused on her own foundation and is passionate to offer a platform for artists to showcase their talent through gifted Art.

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