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Indo Global Blockchain Summit Held in Indian Pavilion Expo2020 Dubai

Reported By Aslam Jawaid

BITCOIN ( the First application of Blockchain Technology and the First

Crypto/Digital currency in the world).

Bitcoin Started with zero value now reached USD 69500/- with a growth rate of over a million times.

Most of the Crypto Currencies have grown millions of times in a very short span of

time. Considering the need and importance of this neediest technology

INDO GLOBAL BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT planned across India in all major

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Chamber of Commerce, NGO’s, etc;

Starting from AAFT UNIVERSITY CAMPUS in NOIDA and BNMIT College group Banglore and many more.

Prof Sidhic A Muhammed Chancellor European Digital University said the summit will be promoted by European Digital University (USA) and European Blockchain Center in collaboration with EDUBUK, Erium Exchange, Bigh Bull, and Bitengen Exchange, and hundreds of prominent organizations from India and abroad.

Apoorva Bajaj and Shivani Mehrtora Founders (EDUBUK) more said we hereby seek the support of all esteemed media groups of UAE INDIA AND MIDDLE EAST to propagate this neediest information to the world by all possible means of communications.

Mr. Neel Sawant Chairman EDU said the Blockchain Crypto and NFTs can generate trillions of dollars worth of value addition to the Indian and world economy by 2025. It can also generate millions of highly paid employment opportunities.

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