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Burj Khalifa Lights up as UAE celebrates recovery from Covid

The Burj Khalifa beamed with images and videos that highlighted how the front liners gave their everything to manage the virus.

The world’s tallest building lit up with a message of hope for the people UAE’s day-by-day Covid cases are going down continually.

“We started our fight against the pandemic with a campaign titled ‘united and defiant. Today, we launch a campaign under the theme ‘recovered and committed’,” said the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

The campaign highlights how the country has reached the ‘recovery’ stage from the virus but stresses how residents remained committed to all due safety measures.

The UAE has not seen a single Covid-19-related death in more than a month.

On Thursday, it recorded the lowest number of daily cases this year: 143.

Launched on World Health Day that’s marked on April 7, the campaign recognizes the “humanitarian role of the heroes who have been UAE’s first line of defense against the pandemic”, according to the ministry. It highlights their “tremendous efforts by expressing the nation’s pride in them”.

The campaign also highlights how the UAE leaders kept reassuring residents throughout the pandemic, with ‘don’t worry being the predominant message they posted.

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