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BECAUSE THEY CAN’T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES – Art Show by Art4you dedicated to the welfare of animals.

Dubai: AN EXCITING new exhibition launched on June 24th until July 1st week at Picasso Gallery Dubai which offered an extraordinary glimpse of artwork inspired by the animal kingdom. The group show featured drawings, paintings, installations, NFT Art, Metaverse, and Augmented Reality artworks. It was a stellar show, as always, with a lot of variety.

‘Exhibition titled “BECAUSE THEY CAN’T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES” curated by Jesno Jackson and Organised by Art4you Gallery: delivered a visual treat inspired by the animal world, took collectors and art enthusiasts on an enthralling expedition, exploring all manner of wildlife, from turtles and lions to zebras and African elephants, to chimpanzees with emotions, and fabulous birds & beasties! The exhibition launched to the public on June 24th drawn from across the collections of the animal kingdoms and showed something for everyone - from families and art lovers alike. Visitors were able to journey through time and around the world, where great art meets kingdom where visitors see how artists have transformed the animal world into stunning stylized forms. The exhibition was accompanied by an exciting activity and events program that included Save Turtles – Watercolour session and Film Screening & Art by Abeer Abdullah.

“This animal-themed art for the international group exhibition included Mammals, birds, fish, insects, and reptiles who are members of the Kingdom Animalia. This is the third exhibition supported by Emirates Nature WWF helping create exciting new collaborative programming for our visitors. We are thankful to Picasso Gallery Dubai who is always there to make any of the events successful. Art4you Gallery is very thankful to all the artists without them this is not possible. We are thankful to all our media and supporters for keeping us moving and motivating. We are proud to organize and share the one and only unique exhibition that was celebrating animals first time in UAE”, says the Founder Rengi Cherian.

It is estimated that around 9 to 10 million species of animals inhabit the earth. Art4you Gallery encourages artists to provide artworks that envision and visualize the natural world species through art, to share the artistic story of innocence, beauty, survival, joy, and awareness about the animals of the natural world. Both representational and abstract artists in any media were welcome to submit their art.

Jesno Jackson, The Curator & Art Educator said, "Animals being living creatures also have a set of emotions may it be sadness, anger, fear or even love. These emotions weigh on them just as much as they do on us, and yet we are the only ones able to convey our emotions effectively. When we come across a difficulty, we voice out our problems in protest, and these animals also have a voice and a cause behind it as well, yet they are ignored solely for their inability to communicate, and rendered silent creatures. Some say an artist's work is the most powerful form of expression which can send ripples across generations for centuries to come. This exhibition is dedicated to the welfare of animals and hopes to spread awareness of their condition amongst the greater masses by giving a voice to the helpless creatures using their creativity. The wild yet soft emotions are so accurately captured by the fluency of different colors and their many shades, that there can be no better way to voice their lives. Despite animals being the minority in this world they still are a part of it regardless and have been so long before we even existed, therefore giving them a right to receive consideration. Humans being the superior species with god’s gift of speech, have a duty to preserve their interests and take responsibility for being the clear cause of their demise. “

H. E Laila Rahhal said,” "The art community in UAE, is indebted to Ms. Jesno Jackson - Founder of Art4you Gallery for constantly supporting and encouraging artists to gain larger exposure on a global platform. Being the Art Ambassador ARt4you, I would like to share that her effort has proven successful in her events, as we observed enhancement in the quality of artworks. ” Arabella Willing – Outreach and research manager & marine Biologist, Conservation Scientist, Emirates Nature WWF, said: “I can’t wait to visit this exciting new animal-inspired exhibition at Picasso Gallery, that offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy art, raise voice and protect the animals.”

The exhibition 'BECAUSE THEY CAN’T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES' was inaugurated by Her Excellency H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani (President & Founder – Business Gate) in the presence of Ms. Arabella Willing (Conservation Scientist - Emirates Nature WWF), Mr. Abdul Aziz Ahmad (CEO of Al Safeer Corporate Services) along with Mr. Mohammed Ali (Founder of Breath Creativity), Ms. Latha Palti (social media & Event Influencer), Ms. Yasmine Mohammed (Art Educator & Fine Artist), Ms. Mai Ragab (YUY Gallery Founder), Abeer Abdullah (Film Maker and Saudi Film Producer) and other invited guests and artists.

BECAUSE THEY CAN’T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES – Art Exhibition by Art4you gallery dedicated to the welfare of animals, by giving a voice to the helpless creatures using ART. The exhibitors included 22 artists from 17 nationalities - Andy Scanlan from Britain, Anubha Kaw from India, Ang Jing-Jing from China, Beenish Malik from Pakistan, Kadambini Choubey from India, Labiba Ferhat from Algeria/ France, Lene Pieters from South Africa, Lulu Odeh from Jordan, Meetu Garg from India, Mariam Erin Pinza from the Philippines, Prathibha Ajayan from India, Rafah Abdulrazzak from Syria, Roa Al Madani from UAE, Rushi Patel from Kenya, Sara Merdas from UAE, Shama Almehairbi from UAE, Sindhuja Galipalli from India, Tressina Mcdecke from Australia/ Saudi, Vasilisa Eliseeva from Russia, Yoshita Ahmed from SriLanka and Yuliya Solomennaya from Belarus.

Roa Al Madani devoted herself to realism and developed her own style, preferably in close-up oil medium format. The artist is constantly on the lookout for moments of gratefulness, for images that transcend it onto a larger context. Prathibha Ajayan’s owl fascinated the viewer by strengthening the bronze color that allowed them to engage the movement from his lofty perch in an impressive manner.

The works of Sindhuja Galipalli resemble oversized and reformed instances of the sharp irony of Lion and Cheetah. With the use of thick layered and intense finger painting, her paintings acquire life for a moment of remembrance. Tressina’s Deep Blue painting draws attention to the techniques created, to create a compressed universal sea in which animals, objects, and images of turtle sets and scenarios are made, positioned, and captured. Mariam Erin Pinza created fascinating works with details that define her work that blends reality to explore the community of living things with her 5 paintings. Sara Alhammadi’s painting unfolds an imaginary world of nature from the perspective of a bird's eye view with a fleeting attitude, while Artist Shama Almuheirbi was more natural and observant to capture the beauty of tiger, peacock, and koi fishes.

Anubha Kaw thinks that many appreciate pets so much and enjoy the diverting antics of dogs and so her own dog “milo” painted in silk, was one of the highlighted art pieces. Her interpretation and depiction of animal art are also displayed as Macaws and Jelly Fish. But as humans stand on a precipice, as global biodiversity was worrying decline and the human impact on marine ecosystems become apparent, Artist Rafah Abdulrazzak wanted to raise their voice for her turtle painting. While Artist Vasilisa Eliseeva paid attention to the viscosity and structure of the silk medium, which allowed the eye to perceive the marks of bright colors in flamingos painting. Young talent Sara Merdas created 2 paintings – flamingos and African Nature with remarkable clarity and intention. The subject spoke to a deeply felt curiosity about – and affection for – the natural world.

Andrew Scanlan explores some of the most frequently recurring themes in his work, turning to cellular art, with compositions that drive forces of paintings of Zebra, Snow Leopard, and Black Panther. While many of the paintings by Rushi Patel, Yoshita Ahmed, and Ang Jing-Jing were notable for their saturated hues and bold forms some works are carefully modulated with neutral tones that generate palpable volume. The 3 paintings by Lulu Odeh demonstrate the artist's breadth and curiosity: she employs various types of expressions to create a range of effects and moods, and experiments with varying approaches to layering and foreground/background distinctions.

The advent of blockchain and NFTs has opened up a new world for Lene Pieters wherein she extended her artistic experiments, adding movement and sound to her artworks. A series of 7 mixed media sculptures were exhibited by her. The eggs were encased in various textural elements. The mysticism, many legends, beliefs, and good luck associated with the number 7 added a powerful boost to the meditative experience and encourages the possessor of the Eggs to focus on the Potential that lies within and to direct energy towards that successful outcome. While Labiba Ferhat savored her artistic interpretations and discovered 2 parrot paintings that inspired her. Yuliya Solomennaya presented her artistic vision of Arabian horses, whether in wilderness and ferocity, or their impulsiveness and vitality. They highlighted the richness embodying the beauty of the horses and equestrianism with symbolic significance.

Meetu Garg says about her work –KISS AWAY like this: “Cry your tears inside my palms, let me hold them till you're done. Lie you fears between my arms, I swear to light your darkest days. Rain a storm until you're calm' don't be afraid to be afraid. Open up and close your eyes, let me kiss your pain away.” Her 2 artworks were the show stoppers.

The success of this unique event was indeed a testimony of the passion for art. It is really fascinating to witness how the galleries in the UAE have utilized this period to come up with innovative and inspiring concepts with an aim to broaden the horizon of art. A journey the artists and the organizers walk hand in hand and needless to say that it is their passion, hard work, determination, and commitment that created this beautiful event which will surely be cherished by many down the lane.

We are proud to be part of this event and we Current News Dubai congratulate all participating artists and the founders of Art4you for celebrating the essence of Animal Kingdom's first time in UAE.

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