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Dubai: UAE as a nation of development has taken a journey of triumphs to reach the level of prosperity we see before us. Sheikh Zayed as the leader of the nation had put forth an era of progress with a visionary mind and by maintaining faith in the efforts of those who supported him. The path to growth was certainly not an easy one, but the effort to remain united in the cause is what gave it the push it needed. The pioneering leaders of the country have transformed bare acres of desert land into a metropolitan marvel. It has been transformed from the trails of the nomadic tribes that ruled this land to a hub for entrepreneurs. Bringing together a larger variety of cultures under its wing nurtures diversity and tolerance. People originating from different diverse cultures have come together to notice and appreciate the vastness of Arabian culture. This culture has been creatively expressed through forms like calligraphy, carpet art, woodwork, architecture, clothing, etc.

One of the most prominent art galleries in the region Art4you Gallery has gifted many mesmerizing events and has yet again surprised the art scene by organizing a remarkable art exhibition titled 'Arabian Treasures' with the theme Arabian Culture and Heritage at the Picasso Gallery Dubai where 20 artists showcased their astounding 50 creations with the magical curation of Jesno Jackson, produced a stunning experience that has enhanced the benchmark of success. Tradition and culture are the two most important subjects which are required to be passed on through generations for the purpose of maintaining the original purity of the very essence of the country-The United Arab Emirates. The walls of the gallery were bedecked with more than fifty unique creations of different 13 nationalities. The Group Art Exhibition was opened on July 10, 2022.

ART4You gallery was founded in 2009 by Rengi Cherian and Jesno Jackson and engaged in active participation since 2016 has gifted more than 200 mesmerizing gatherings where many artists from UAE and abroad have got opportunities to showcase their artworks and to enhance their talents. Willingness to accept the challenges and to think differently has created an identity for Jesno Jackson in the art industry. Stunning portraits of rulers of UAE created in various mediums occupied the center stage along with many more glorious artworks of special landmarks, emotions related to tradition and culture from the Arabian Peninsula and elegantly designed calligraphy creations with landmarks and landscapes.

The artists who have graced the evening with their beautiful creations are (UAE) Roa Al Madani, (India) Christina Leonard, Maria Komal Abie, Nitya Subramanian, Merly Mathews, Nijumon PM, (Iran) Shakiba Rabiei, Mohammed Rabiei,(Bangladesh) Mahfuzur Rahman, (Belarus) Yuliya Solomennaya, (Britain) Andrew Scanlan, (Srilanka) Yoshita Ahmed, (USA) Somaia Abdelfatah, (Russia) Natalia Vityugova, (Algeria) Labiba Ferhat, (South Africa) Lene Pieters, (Saudi Arabia) Eng. Dahana Saleh, (Pakistan)Alia Amin Abdulhaq, Bina Safdar.

“The exhibition revealed how we come from different cultures, and diverse personalities has portrayed the beauty of this country and spread the message of unity and how we all live together within this humble space in harmony. “, says Rachelle Gaa - the Gallery Manager.

Curator of this exhibition Jesno Jackson shares her experience with The Current News Dubai and HD Plus TV News and says ‘Arabian Treasures', is the seventh event ART4You collaborates with Picasso Gallery focusing on the leading role played by the Arabian Peninsula as a site for the exchange of culture since the earliest times. Presented through more than fifty works, the visitor will discover a panorama of the different cultures that have followed one another in the Arabian Peninsula from prehistoric times to the current modern period. Arabic culture showcases the ancient heritage and values that have been passed down generations through the imprints made in the dunes of the sandy deserts, as the nomadic tribes roamed in search of prosperity. These ideals have been expressed in various forms as time passed, but the initial roots remained stagnant. it visually recognizes simplicity and elegance at its finest while simultaneously shedding light in the beautiful complexity of creativity. All the values reflected by the Arabian beliefs are shaped by a story, may it be one about triumphs or even about their grievances.

“UAE is a place like no other, a unique country where tradition and modernity walk hand in hand, where the old is not overridden by the new and it has the allure of magnificent variation, from the ultra-modern to the dawn of time. It is a place where every rock has a shape and every road a history, so with this exhibition, we tried to walk back on the road of history to gift a nostalgic feeling to the visitors", says Rengi Cherian – Founder of ART4You Gallery.

The subjects assigned by the curator were accepted by the artists with great enthusiasm as their creations have indeed echoed the spirit of patriotism, love, and affection towards the visionary leaders who have guided the country and emerged successful at creating a great nation that is viewed by the world with wonder. Having entrusted the continuous and noticeable presence in the art industry, time and gain Jesno Jackson has proven her amazing capabilities as a curator with a professional approach to be identified as one of the best organizers in the art world. It has been observed that the gatherings conducted by ART4You gallery attract many high-profile personalities from different segments which have aided these exhibitions to become commercially viable for the artist and the gallery. All of their announcements regarding new events are always greeted with top enthusiasm and high expectations by the artists and the art lovers and having a proven record for accomplishment, the curator, Ms. Jesno Jackson, has always ensured that the excellence of each event curated by ART4You raises the benchmark of success consequently improving the standard of each passing event.

The strong bond between the participating artists, ART4You, and the guests was clearly visible during the art tour as the guests interacted actively with each and every artist giving equal importance to each of their creations. The artworks displayed inhibited a voice of attraction which pulled visitors into its captivating grasp. The art tour was rich with participation as fellow artists and art enthusiasts also joined the guest to understand, analyze and admire the magnificent creations displayed at the venue making discussions more interactive, as a result, the event concluded with a long evening which also clearly indicates the acceptance, willingness, and involvement of the art enthusiasts to support and to nurture art in this region.

'Arabian Treasures' was inaugurated by H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani – President & Founder of Business Gate in the presence of Mr. Mian Munir Hans – President of Pakistan People's Party Middle East and Gulf Regions, Mr. AbdulAziz Ahmed- CEO Safeer Corporate Services, Saima Amir – Al Saim Events, and H.E Aslam Sarkani –Businessman, Abeer Abdullah – Filmmaker and Saudi Movie Producer, Reem Alsubiy – renowned artist & Social Media Tiktok Stars – Basharat Khan, Waqas Ghumman, Neetu Singh, Mehakmino, Ameramu, social media influencer Sonal B Chhibber and other invited dignitaries, artists and art enthusiasts.

The artworks bedecked at the magnificent ambiance of Picasso Gallery has yet again proven the availability of immensely talented artists in the region and their inspiring imaginations.

'Arabian Treasures' were open to the public until July 18th, 2022, to know more about The United Arab Emirates from an artistic perspective. As a part of the exhibition, several activations like workshops and Live Art were also organized for a great experience to get immersed into the world of colors. Current News Dubai and HD plus tv News tender all our best wishes to the curator and the artists and express our sincere gratitude for gifting the art world a visual treat.

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