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90 orphans are finally safe after a true odyssey and have found a new home in the valley

Reported By Aslam Jawaid

Escape from the Ukraine: 90 orphans are safe here in the Valley

Vladimir Putin's war of aggression is raging in Ukraine. People fear for their lives. Many women flee in panic with their children. More than 200 exhausted refugees were picked up by buses in Poland and have since landed in Wuppertal. In the meantime, 90 orphans are finally safe after a true odyssey and have found a new home in the valley.

The 90 orphans had to endure nights in a damp, unheated bunker while the war raged outside. Finally they are safe. You can read more about the fate of the orphans tomorrow (March 6th) in the same place.

The aid campaigns are initiated and coordinated by the “Stand with Ukraine” initiative, which was founded spontaneously by Yevgen Besedin and friends on February 24th, 2022, the day the first bombs were dropped on Ukraine. Many of them – like the Wuppertal entrepreneur in the real estate industry himself – have a Ukrainian background.

It was immediately clear to him: "Help must be given as soon as possible." He alerted friends in Düsseldorf, Dortmund and other cities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Yevgen Besidin quickly brought Helge Lindh (SPD), Member of the Bundestag from Wuppertal, and Rosemarie Gundelbacher, CDU local politician, member of the Senior Citizens' Council and ex-city councillor, on board. Together with the Wuppertal youth welfare office, the immigration office and the building management, the 120 women and children were safely accommodated. Lord Mayor Dr. Uwe Schneidewind has now set up a crisis management team.

Stand With Ukraine" expects that a total of 500 women and around 200 children will find refuge in Wuppertal and be provided with everything they need here. A donation account will be set up in the next few days. A website has already been created in no time at all:

If you want to help, you will find all the information there. 50 volunteers now take care of the organization and coordination.

A dramatic call for help reached Stand With Ukraine today. Yevgen Besidin: "90 children in care are sitting in a secret place in a damp bunker and urgently need to be rescued and brought to safety."

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