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71 children killed, 100 injured since the start of the Russian invasion, Rosemarie Gundelbacher

Reported By Aslam Jawaid:

The war in Russia and Ukraine is endangering the whole world, which has affected Europe the most, especially Germany. The number is increasing day by day and it seems that the situation is deteriorating.

71 children killed, 100 injured since the start of the Russian invasion.

Numerous children are seriously ill due to the cold weather. Some children are being hospitalized due to lung infections. Looking at this situation, the economic situation in Germany is deteriorating. Due to the current situation, the volume of business has decreased, due to which the automobile industry is on the verge of ruin. In real estate, people are not even buying a car. Nor are they investing in the real estate sector.

CDU local politician Rosemarie Gundelbacher says we are working to save the life of innocent children and people because they came here due to a bad situation. our team is doing a great job serving the refugees and children of Ukraine who came from Ukraine due to the war situation from Russia. our people are working together and found an organization: The citizens' initiative around Yevgen Besedin is a team of more than 20 volunteers from different nations.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees have flooded into Germany, mostly through Poland and Germany, since Russia began attacking its neighboring country.

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